The Felt Floozy

Are you in an obscure fandom that has little to no merchandise? Or do you have an original character that you've always wanted to smother with hugs and kisses? Well look no more! The Felt Floozy makes fine-detailed, adorable custom-made plushies and crafts to satisfy your cuddling needs! If you'd like a lovable, handmade plush of your very own, go to the "I Want One!" tab below to get started! Your plushie is waiting for you! Σ:3
(("Lizzy" the mascot was drawn by Soltian))

Rufioh Nitram Plushie for Promstuck 2013 Raffle Winner

Doing his hair was the craziest and most tedious thing ever, but he came out super cute! Look at those wingalings~

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